Graduate research fellows

Jasmine Simington

Graduate Research Fellow

Jasmine Simington is a joint doctoral student in Sociology and Public Policy. As a CRJ Graduate Research Fellow, she writes about attitudes towards reparations across Southeast Michigan. She has additional research on racial inequalities in housing and disaster recovery, and spatial inequality.  Her academic work appears or is forthcoming in Social ForcesThe Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, and the Journal of Rural Social Sciences.  Jasmine also practices a commitment to public scholarship, partnering with a variety of community organizations to assist them with improving service delivery by creating asset maps and conducting client interviews.

Before joining U-M, Jasmine worked in the Metropolitan Housing and Communities Policy Center at the Urban Institute. She is a National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Fellow and Ford Foundation Predoctoral Fellow.  Recently, Jasmine received an Emerging Inequality Scholar Award from the Stone Center for Inequality Dynamics at the University of Michigan. She is a native of Winston-Salem, North Carolina.