About the Center for Racial Justice

Our mission

The Center for Racial Justice is a cross-disciplinary space that aims to foster deep relationships between research and advocacy to uncover the voices of the unjustly silenced, challenge us to live up to our democratic ideals, and offer sound policy prescriptions for a more equitable and just society. Housed at the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy at the University of Michigan, the center directly invests in initiatives designed to advance racial equity and cultivate a diverse community of changemakers. Together, we develop new tools and strategies in the pursuit of racial justice, resulting in better, evidence-based policy solutions and the cultivation of the next generation of high-impact leaders and thinkers.

Our goals

students smiling together in graduation robes
  1. Support bold, courageous, and ambitious projects targeting racial inequity and intersectional injustice, led by some of the most important changemakers of our time.
  2. Inform research agendas, policy debate, and potential policy solutions.
  3. Cultivate the next generation of racial justice changemakers and public policy leaders.
  4. Create an innovation space at the intersections of activism, artistry, research, and public policy, with a focus on advancing racial equity.

Our vision

Race and racism are historical, social, and political processes that impact our everyday lives. Our vision is to create a vibrant, diverse community of racial equity leaders, scholars, and students engaged in social justice work. By bringing together these disparate communities, the CRJ identifies and implements innovative anti-racism and racial justice policy solutions.

What is racial justice?

Racial justice is the systematic fair treatment of people, regardless of racial background, that results in equitable opportunities and outcomes for everyone. We seek a world in which people are able to achieve their full potential in life, regardless of race, ethnicity, or the communities in which they live.
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